by izabela

>in here, i mean that I am gonna change my blog a little but don`t know yet how much…

at the moment I have added progress bars from my projects from Ravelry and they are working surprisingly good as I am not familiar with any HTML or Java or anything like that… and my English is not as good as I would like to – to let me understand all the instructions given by Casey (Code Monkey as he calls himself) to do it…

while not knitting I am training myself with Dr Kawashima`s Brain Training and you`d really love what he says:

and anyway i just got the sling for the baby i bought on Ebay and I am trying to get used to it already, when I had my first kids I had a baby carrier but I always felt that I am missing something and I was afraid to try the traditional way carrying baby in a shawl…

and another thing I want to buy what I have never had before having a baby is that



  1. >I received that game for Christmas and that knitting quote always cracks me up! Good luck for the impending birth 🙂

  2. >* thanks Samsara, I really can`t wait to see my Baby * I received my game for Christmas as well, this is good for the brain and when I first read that tip I laughed cause I thought I must to be pretty intelligent by now… knitting, making origami, cutting veggies haha

  3. >*lol* My brain is now officially the same age as I am! Considering the first time I tried it it was about 90, that's not bad going 🙂

  4. >my brain age is still 13 years more than my real age :[… i need more training then – but first time i tried it was about 50

  5. >Zobaczyłam znajomy kubełek – parę miesięcy temu też taki kupiłam dla swojej małej- kąpała się w nim od pierwszych dni (moja mama do dziś boi się patrzeć na te kąpiele) i fantastycznie się w nim czuje – myślę, że Twoje maleństwo też będzie zadowolone 🙂

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