by izabela

>my kids will be back with me soon!!!

I am so happy, that`s unbelievable but true and i am so excited, starting new life again, and everything is gonna change and now it is gonna be better I know….

as I said I am gonna start learning reading and writing patterns in English so I have done first tension for my White Cable Baby Blanket and this is gonna be the lesson for me using the cable stitch (as this will be first time in my life…. ha) the only difference I think is that I haven`t got enough yarn so it may be shorter but I think I can always buy more (can I?), and this is the pattern from the book Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss not from my head – although it does not mean that i am gonna stop using my brain ( ;] )

as well I added many more rows to The Green Baby Jumper so the only problem is how to make the hood for it with no sewing at all…. this is gonna be a lesson as well….

how many new things is gonna happen to me this year? I am inviting all of you to visit me on Ravelry and view my photos on Flickr….


I need to start thinking about the garden a little bit – my shy plans include some climbing beans, some tomatoes and some courgettes (maybe pumpkin….) but i really need to be more prepared not like last year when all my early beans and courgettes where eaten by slugs (brrr…) and the ones I planted later where much too late…. ah and of course my children`s favorite sun flowers – cannot forget about them



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