by izabela


i went back to work, well… only for some time – presumably a month because this will be a time i am gonna start my maternity leave…

this is no good at all, i have`t done much but my back and pelvic floor were so painful and now at home i cannot do anything at all either…

i am worried about other thing as well – Baby lies aside for quite a long time now and i think is gonna be too big to move later and i don`t really know what to do ( maybe this pain is caused Baby`s position? )

not to be all the way pesymistic – i can say i Have just finished first Baby Jumper, isn`t it sweet? cannot wait to dress Little One in it…

of course needs a button to be sewed but i still can say that it is finished – and it is my first 2008 finished project whoa…


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  1. >Wszystkiego najlepszego w Nowym Roku! Mam nadzieje, ze przyniesie duzo szczescia i radosci 🙂 Bardzo fajny sweterek zrobilas 🙂 napewno bedzie w nim Dzidziusiowi wygodnie i cieplo 🙂 ps. czy w Twej czesc UK jest aktualnie rownie zimno jak w Cambridge? Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Ela 🙂

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