>so New Year started…

by izabela

>i think i may have some new year`s resolutions this time ( like never )

  • one is that i really want to post on my blog regularly
  • one is that i want to ( apart from only reading other people blogs ) make some comments as i think it is rude from me keeping my thoughts only for myself
  • one is that i am gonna make at least one project a month ( my own design )
  • one is that i want to try to learn writing patterns in english
  • one is very important and actually this is something i have started last year – continue to learn proper english
  • after having a baby i don`t want weight more than 58 kilos ( what makes 9.13 stones )
  • and one very abstract as i haven`t got any plan how – i want to do something with my life ( meaning – i am mum and it would be better if i could get money being at home and not working so many hours out as i used to last years… ) i am waiting for any nice ideas from you guys…

i have got something to confess: cause i really miss drinking tea – because my pregnancy isn`t allowing me to do so – ( my gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn or whatever you want to call it :[ ) and coffe when Baby arrive i am gonna drink tea and coffee twice as normal for all that time i couldn`t

and here is all my growing stock of different teas ( you would expect it to decrease but as you can see it isn`t )

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