by izabela


my Christmas is almost gone – far from my children but always thinking of them…

i was thinking if there is anyone there? on the other side of the computer screen, reading this diary and not only checking? well even if you don`t say much i hope you all had fantastic time during this Christmas and good rest and propably many of you are still resting like me… unfortunately i have to go back to work for some time before my Baby will be born, we all need money, don`t we? and i hope my aches won`t be so bad and will let me finish my work in normal time…

so for those interested in my last projects – Baby blanket hasn`t changned too much so there is no point to show you, but there is a little progress in the Black Shawl i am crochetting:

and the Cheap Market Yarn Jumper need only sleeves to be finished:

and i have i bought really huge amount of this bright green wool the same i am crochetting Baby Blanket so i have started new knitted project a little bit bigger Baby Jumper In Green:


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