by izabela

>how bad my weekend was – i destroyed my computer trying to download files i shouldn`t… and why? i tell you pregnancy changes everything in woman`s body not only the way she looks… the way she thinks as well and rather for worse, and this doesn`t make me feel happy…

not at all…

well after i have copied all my pictures and my music to discs ( and believe me there was so many of them… ) i was trying to get rid of the infections but without any success for 24 hours so finally i decided to do system recovery and now successfully can use my best friend ( i meant: my computer haha )

i just bought new very cheap yarn on the market ( and i am hoping tha it isn`t the worst one ever ) and i am gonna make a normal jumper for Little One and as you can see i have already started:

the previous project – baby jumper is very close to be finished but i don`t think i can knit a hood – if any of you have got any good pattern for baby jumper`s hood – i will be very gratefull…

ok… i also have bought this lovely boucle but only one to try it, maybe for some sort of scarf, because this one was rather expensive…


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